If you are one of the many thousands of people who use and rely upon spray tans for that bronzed sexy summer look, then surely this bit of information is important to you.  Everybody has always been aware of the extreme dangers when sunbathing in the direct sunlight, using tanning beds, and even tanning lights, but the newest research and statistics has revealed yet more discouraging news about yet another sun tanning resource, sun tan sprays.

Sun Tan Sprays – Not as Safe as We Thought Them to Be

Most people look upon sun tan sprays, a simple spray in a can, as a harmless means of achieving a glowing sun tan and giving your pale or less than tanned body that chic, sassy and healthy tanned look.  Well, unfortunately it appears we now have to add these ‘harmless’ spray tans in a can to the laundry list of sun tanning methods that are slowly but surely killing people.  In years past, many doctors have even recommended spray tans to their clients and/or patients, indicating that this very simple sun tan resource was effective and truly harmless.  No, no, no.  That is definitely not the case and surely not true.  New research performed by several professors of dermatology at several prominent universities has recently revealed that the active ingredient found in spray tans, known as DHA, may actually cause serious damage to DNA and ultimately cause cancer.

spray tan danger picture

Research and Findings

Although there have not been advanced nor extensive studies done on the active ingredient DHA and its effects on human cells, there have been abundant studies that have been performed on animals and other cells.  The results of those studies include:

  • DHA can and does penetrate the skin’s surface, thus being able to be absorbed into the living skin cells
  • DHA can, in fact, alter the genes of cells
  • DHA presents with a very high risk of cancer
  • DHA can potentially present with risk for birth defects if spray tans are used by a woman during her pregnancy

These results have truly presented people with some shocking news about spray tans and should be reason and fact enough for individuals to shy away from the use of spray tans for purposes of giving their body that summer glow that everyone longs for.  It’s obvious from these results that spray tanning is every bit as dangerous and harmful as tanning in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, using sun lamps, and engaging in regular use of sun tanning beds.

Not Worth the Risk

Overall, it seems that sun tanning of any type and with any resource is, bottom line, extremely dangerous and risky.  As we all know, the greatest risk of any type of sun tanning method is that of melanoma skin cancer, the number one type of cancer that results in death.  Yes, it is attractive and can even ‘look’ healthy to have a glowing, bronze summer tan, but with all the studies and research that has revealed so many fearful facts about sun tanning of any type, and the extensive risks and dangers, you have to finally ask yourself “is it really worth it?”

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