Do Tanning Pills Work? You Can Achieve The Perfect Tan Without HARMFUL Ultraviolet Rays

With just a tanning pill or two per day, you’ll have the evenly distributed golden tan of your dreams.

Avoid unsightly freckles and moles. Eliminate exposure to the leading cause of skin cancer.

When it comes down to getting the tan you need to look your best in that bikini, you’ve only had a few options up to this point, and none of them are ideal…

Traditional sunbathing might be “natural”, but it exposes you to dangerous solar rays, which have been proven to be the leading cause of skin cancer.

Tanning beds were once thought to be a safe alternative, but even though they work, study after study has shown that the UV lights used in tanning beds are up to six times as dangerous as natural light.

Bronzers and other rub-in tanners promised a way to “fake it” but instead stain your body with uneven, unnatural browns and oranges.

Enter spa tanning tablets, a safe, effective method using FDA approved ingredients to get the perfect, all-around golden brown tan your skin deserves with no dangerous side effects.


Do Tanning Pills Work?

You might be skeptical about whether or not tanning tablets are actually a safe, effective means of achieving a perfect color throughout your skin. After all, how can taking a pill change your skin color? Do they actually work? Maybe you’ve heard that old wives tale that eating too many carrots will turn your skin orange.

Well, it’s no myth. It’s an actual condition known as carotenemia, and it’s a result of ingesting an excessive amount of beta-carotene, the component in carrots that gives them their orange hue.


So if you’re wondering How do tanning pills work? the answer is just like carrots. Only, instead of relying on beta-carotene (which would make you look like an Oompa Loompa), tanning tablets contain canthaxanthin, an element that occurs naturally in many plants and leaves your skin an evenly coloured golden brown. You take the pill and your body does the work. PABA is a form of Vitamin B found throughout nature, and it works as a tanning method because it increases melanin production. Furthermore, when PABA is combined with copper gluconate, the tanning pill creates a natural pigmentation of the skin that results in a beautiful golden tone without a second outside. It works like a charm. Do tanning pills work? Absolutely. Give them a try today and see for yourself.

Save Time With Tanning Pills – How Fast Do They Work?

You might be wondering, how long do tanning tablets actually take to work? In general, you’ll need to take 1 – 2 tan tablets per day for the full effect. Within two weeks, you should notice a perfectly even tan throughout your skin, head to toe. From there, you can adjust your dosage in order to fine tune the color for the best hue that works for you.

While it might seem like they take a long time to start working, by using tanning pills you are actually saving time compared to traditional tanning or using a tanning bed.

Think of it. How long does it take you to swallow a pill?

Including the time to pour a glass of water – maybe 30 seconds. Over fourteen days, that means with tanning pills you get a perfect tan in just 7 minutes.

Compare that to other methods…

When it comes to tanning in natural light, experts typically recommend 20 to 30 minutes per day over several days. Tanning beds sessions work faster, but they take several weeks to create the desired effect—plus you’ve got to factor in travel time to and from the tanning salon at least three times a week.

Our safe and natural method will work fast to give you the tan you desire.


Save Your Skin, Improve Your Health

Not only do tanning tablets work faster than alternative methods, but they are also safer. By far the number one fear of tanners everywhere is skin cancer—in particular, melanoma.

The number one cause of melanoma is exposure to UV rays, which are present in both natural light and tanning beds. In fact, using tanning beds can increase your chance of contracting skin cancer by almost 60%! Tanning pills, on the other hand, expose you to absolutely no harmful UV rays.

And they don’t just leave you with gorgeous skin tone, but also contain plenty of other health promoting ingredients:

  • Vitamin B to smoothen the skin, leaving it silky and soft to the touch.
  • Silica to rebuild skin tissue and collagen.
  • L’Tyrosine to encourage healthy thyroid and nerves.

Your Beautiful, Healthy Sunkissed Skin is Just a Tanning Pill Away

You know what you are looking for:

A beautiful golden tone…

Evenly distributed throughout your skin…

All year round…

With no dangerous health risks…

No big time commitment…

No unnatural chemicals…

At an affordable price…

That really works. You could keep doing what you’ve been doing. You could keep roasting your body beneath the burning sun, scorching yourself between the unnatural glow of tanning bed – every minute risking melanoma or other deadly skin cancers.

You could try those spray-on tans that barely work and leave your body with awkward streaks like a toddler’s finger painting. You could do nothing and hit the beach with pale, pasty legs and a back as white as a sheet of paper.

Or you could try tanning pills for the first time—the only tanning method that will work without UV rays to give you before and after results that will have your friends begging to know your secret.