With summer around the corner everyone is starting to think about and focus on their summer tans since looking tan is what it is all about. Since people are aware of how dangerous and unhealthy baking your bodies in the sun or baking your body in a tanning bed can be, there seems to be an extended interest nowadays in spray tanning.

Spray tanning is a self-tanning, sunless method where individuals simply have a fine mist spray applied onto their bodies in search of that glowing tan. The mist contains an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that actually interacts directly with the chemistry of your own skin in order to turn its colour to a rich, glowing bronze or tan colour. Spray tanning typically delivers very good results which is why so many celebrities and models prefer to use this method of tanning over any other. They admit that sunless spray tanning provides them with the perfect tan colours they want quickly and effectively and cause no harm to the body at all.

Pros of Using a Sunless Tanning Spray

1. There are actually quite a few benefits to using spray tanning methods beginning with the obvious fact – they are quick and very easy to use.

2. Unlike tanning beds and the sun’s very powerful UV rays, spray tanning brings no harm to your skin or body. This innovative and highly popular tanning method does not cause burning of the skin and definitely does not increase the aging of your skin.

3. Using spray tanning affords you the convenience and opportunity of tanning right in your own home at your own leisure if you so desire. You simply make an appointment with your favourite spray tanning technician and arrange for them to come out to your home to perform the procedure. If you prefer not to have the procedure done in your home, then you simply make an appointment at your local tanning salon and have the technician spray your entire body with the effective fine mist there at the salon.

4. In addition, it is far less time consuming than sun bathing for long hours in the sun, lying in those uncomfortable tanning beds for extended periods of time or applying those messy lotions or gels all over your body.

5. Yet another benefit is the simple fact that the tanning spray mist dries very quickly, is not messy, and does not interfere at all with your clothes, your bed, or your partner. Most other tanning lotions, creams or at home sprays take a much longer period of time to dry.

Cons of Using Spray Tanning

1. One of the most obvious downsides to spray tanning is the cost. One session of spray tanning can cost anywhere from £25 to £50 and some places charge even higher prices, which is quite a bit costlier than buying a self-tanning lotion or cream that you can apply at home.

2. Another simple drawback is the fact that you have to make an appointment and head out to a salon or set aside time for a technician to come to your home to perform the procedure which can definitely be a real inconvenience. Though this may not appear to be such a hardship, driving out to a tanning salon a couple times a week, having to get undressed, and then having to immediately dress after your spray tanning has been applied can truly be a real nuisance.

Most people enjoy the colour and even application you get with spray tanning, but keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different and it may require a bit of experimenting to determine exactly what works best for you and your body chemistry.