Hi, my name is Paula Ryan and I am the founder of Spa tanning tablets.

I have always enjoyed being tanned since a very young age. By the time I was a teenager, I actively pursued the perfect tan.

Over the years I have tried just about every tanning method available. The only method I have not tried and never will is injections.

The thought of injecting a drug that has not been proven to be safe makes me shudder.

When I left school and started college at 16 I got myself a part-time job in my local tanning salon.

Paula Ryan PhD Nutritional Sciences

At the time I was very happy with this job because I got as much free tanning as I wanted. I saved quite a lot of money since I did not have to pay anything.

When I see pictures of myself now from those days I am shocked that I thought I looked good. I had the most hideous orange glow.

I looked exactly how I should have, like someone who had been abusing sunbeds for years.

As I grew older I slowly reduced the time I spent using sunbeds as I moved to another part of the country to study at university. Where I was based didn’t have any local tanning salons.

I studied a nutritional science degree as nutrition has always been a subject that interests and motivates me.

I have always been a sporty person and I know full well that the right nutrition is of paramount importance to perform at optimum levels.

I first tried tanning tablets whilst at university. I did feel like a noticed a small difference in my skin tone by the end of the course, but I wouldn’t say I was thrilled by the results.

I was fascinated and decided to research the ingredients of the tablets to see how they made my skin tone change ever so slightly.

I felt that with my background and drive, I could formulate an even better list of ingredients that would give even better results.

Due to the demands of my university course, I couldn’t pursue this further at the time.

I passed my nutritional science degree with full honours. I then went on to gain my PhD in nutrition.

Once my studying had ended I started to work within the public health nutrition field. I loved my job as it was a subject which I loved.

Since university had now ended I had free nights which had been taken up for years studying.

With all of this free time on my hands, I got back into the tanning tablets formulation. After many months my tanning pills were born. No artificial tanning method is perfect but my tanning pill is most certainly an upgrade on other rivals brands.

I am currently studying and formulating other food supplements which I feel will be a great improvement on similar products on the current market. So watch this space.

Thanks for reading a little about me and enjoy your time on our website.