People today are all hyped up about getting the perfect tan. Many, however, are fearful of the damage the sun’s UV rays can cause and are looking for another way to tan. Seeking to accomplish their great summer glow, many people are turning to fake tan. Getting a gorgeous tan without all the sun damage is remarkably easy these days. It simply comes down to choosing the right fake tanning product and giving much attention to the simple directions that accompanies each.

Sunless tanning products have become incredibly popular over the past few years and it seems the results are both astounding and long lasting. The key to the successful sunless tan lies in choosing the right product for your body, face, and skin. There is a wide range of products to choose from and each offers easy application, whether creams, sprays, or foams. In some cases, depending upon your own skin type, it makes sense to utilize one type of application on your overall body, perhaps a spray, while using a separate application product on your face, more often than not a cream. Everybody’s body and skin are different, so it is important to perform your research and seek out the sunless tanning product that is perfect for your skin type.

Self-tanning moisturizers contain a lower concentration of DHA, which means individuals that use these products will gradually build their golden glowing tans with consistent daily use. Using these moisturizers will surely deliver a hint of a tanning colour which is typically a good starting point for those who are beginner self-tanners. Next on the list of quality products are tanning towelettes. These towelettes are pre-soaked in a self-tanning lotion and require that the user simply unfold them and swipe the towelette across the various parts of your body evenly so as to acquire an even toned tan. With these towelettes, people need not worry about applying too much or too little self-tanning solution.

This product is good for beginners and those who are well acquainted with the overall self-tanning process. Further products that can be used include self-tanning creams and lotions, which are often tinted so individuals are able to see if they have missed any spots during the application process. These products are ideal for both practiced and beginner tanners and can be easily applied. Sunless mousses and gels are yet another product used to acquire that perfect fake tan. They allow users to cover large areas of the body quickly. It is important, however, to apply the spray from at least 6 inches away and spray it onto the body with a circular motion in order to apply it evenly and effectively.

These formulas are very lightweight and dry quickly and are definitely recommended for use by experienced self-tanners only. If you are like the millions of other people who love “fake tans” then be certain that you are choosing the right product for your body and skin type. Research the active ingredients in each and take note of the skin type recommendations that are provided on the individual product packages. Yes, summertime is around the corner and it’s time to get that summer glow. But taking ample time to choose the right product is even more important than that special “summer look” you are longing to achieve.