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Do you feel more confident with a golden glow? More radiant, attractive and healthy? Most people feel much happier with tanned skin but that sun kissed look can come at a price. Whether you use sunbeds or sunbathe outdoors, exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays can be extremely hazardous. This is where tanning tablets can help!

The incidence of skin cancer in the UK is rapidly rising including the deadliest form, malignant melanoma. Exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of skin cancer, particularly malignant melanoma, but because the damage remains invisible until it’s too late, it’s almost impossible to get a tan without risking your health. picture of a lady that uses spa tanning pills Individuals who are fair skinned, or who have lots of freckles and moles are statistically more likely to be at risk, but skin cancer can strike anyone, anywhere. UV rays steadily destroy the DNA within the skin, allowing malignant cells to grow and spread. This hidden disease can spread slowly within your skin cells, sometimes taking more than two decades to develop. But once skin cancer has taken hold and reached an advanced stage, less than 20% of people live for five years or more. Scary stuff…

For a long time, sunbeds were considered to be a healthier alternative, but research has shown that there’s an even greater risk attached to the use of sunbeds. Although exposure to UV rays is for a much shorter period, the intensity is much higher: the strength of UV light from a sunbed is greater than the tropical sun at midday! The dangers of sunbed use are now recognized to be such an issue that it’s become illegal for anyone aged under 18 years old to not only use a sunbed, but even to be in the same room as one in operation. The NHS and British Association of Dermatologists have both warned against the use of sunbeds, and have led campaigns to make the public more aware about the risk of developing skin cancer as a result of excessive use. Research has shown that individuals who use sunbeds prior to the age of 35 increase their risk of developing skin cancer by as much as 75%. But even setting aside the potentially lethal risk of skin cancer, UV rays damage the skin in other ways too. When we think of tanned skin, we imagine soft, silky smooth skin which is sultry, sexy and seductive. Unfortunately, the very fact that your skin is tanning means that it’s sustaining damage, and this will ultimately lead to premature ageing making your skin look wrinkly, leathery and crepe-like. Far from the gentle, golden glow you were probably dreaming of…

The issues with self-tanning

Self tanning lotions are an alternative to exposure to UV rays but there’s no guarantee you’ll end up with the even brown skin you were probably hoping for. Applying self tanning lotion yourself rarely goes well, and even the most accomplished self-tanners end up with uneven patches (elbows, knees and feet are the usual tell-tale areas) or bits which they’ve missed. And to get that all-over tan, you’ll have to enlist help from a friend because how else do you apply self-tanning lotion to your own back?

Professional applications usually provide a much better result but you’ll need to set aside time to regularly keep topped up, not to mention the indignity of standing naked while you’re sprayed from top to toe!

And of course, no matter who applies the self tanning lotion, if your skin is sweaty or not scrupulously clean, you’ll end up with white patches and wrinkles. Self tanning lotions have come a long way since they first hit the market but many still have that give-away smell and until you try it, you don’t know if you’ll end up with a nice tan or a cringe worthy orange glow! Instant tans can be a solution if you just want a temporary colour for an evening, but make sure you avoid the rain and don’t get sweaty or else you’ll end up with streaks running down your legs…

A safe alternative which guarantees an all-over glow

If exposure to UV rays is potentially lethal and results from self-tanning creams and sprays aren’t perfect, what is the alternative? Give up and resign yourself to an almost blinding glare from your pasty white legs?

There is another way which guarantees you a beautiful golden glow with no white patches, no messy application and no risk to your health: Spa Tanning Supplements.

With just 1-2 pills per day, you can enjoy a natural looking glow without any of the risks. All of the ingredients in this supplement are approved by the FDA as being completely safe and some even provide additional health benefits too.

Self tan tablets are the modern way to enjoy an authentic golden glow without the risk of skin damage and without turning your bedsheets orange. This amazing product has countless positive reviews. The before and after photos speak for themselves…

They work with people with fair skin

One of the most exclusive tanning products on the market, they work with your body to create a natural looking glow. Take 1-2 tanning tablets per day and within 10-14 days you’ll start to see the results. Your skin will be a light golden brown, just as if you had been sunbathing. The real benefit is that they work with every skin type. So if you are fair-skinned and normally burn in the sun, with this supplement you could enjoy a healthy tanned appearance for the very first time! The natural ingredients gently stimulate the production of melanin, which in turn produces the all-important pigmentation creating a tanned appearance. No harmful exposure to UV rays and no artificial ingredients – just pills that work, with organic ingredients acting in tandem with your own body.

The technical bit…

All of the ingredients in Spa Tanning Tablets have been approved by the FDA as being completely safe for use.
You won’t find any nasty chemicals hiding away but you will find the following goodies:

  • Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) – a type of Vitamin B, this ingredient naturally occurs in wholegrains, mushrooms and kidney. PABA helps to increase the production of melanin, the pigment which darkens the skin to make it appear tanned

  • L-Tyrosine – one of 20 naturally occurring amino acids, L-Tyrosine not only improves the production of melanin but it also speeds up the process too.

  • Copper gluconate – a trace element which is vital to the proper functioning of the body, copper gluconate can be found in shellfish, nuts, legumes, fruit and vegetables. When combined in the body with PABA, it produces pigmentation

  • Silica – a health supplement that can also be found in rice, barley and oats, silica is believed to help improve the digestive system

  • Magnesium stearate, dicalcium phosphate and microcrystalline cellulose – all frequently used in the production of tablets to help prevent caking and to bind the ingredients.

Unlike other tan accelerator tablets, what you won’t find in Spa Tanning Tablets is either beta-carotene or canthaxanthin, just natural and safe ingredients which will produce an authentic golden glow.

More than just a tan

Although Spa Tabs will provide a no-fuss way to look great, they offer more than just a golden glow.

It’s no accident that those who take the tan pills also tend to lose weight; this is due to the inclusion of microcrystalline cellulose which is a bulking agent. Once taken, it begins to swell and expand inside the digestive system which provides the sensation of having eaten a big meal. This decreases the appetite which helps to promote a healthy weight loss leaving you slim, tanned and looking your best!

But the benefits to these tanning supplements aren’t just cosmetic, there’s some very real health gains too. The ingredients have been shown to also be anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and also to provide some protection against Alzheimers too. So if you needed any more reason to treat yourself to an all-over tan you need look no further…Spa really are the best sunless tanning pills on the market.

Tanning Tablets are Natural and Safe

All of the ingredients in Spa are FDA approved which means you can be sure that there’s nothing nasty or dangerous hidden away in this product.

And because these capsules are so natural, there’s absolutely no side effects at all; they can be taken by almost anyone. However, like all supplements, if you’re taking any medication already, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor first. These shouldn’t be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, immediately after birth or by those aged under 18 years old.

Get in touch today to order the sunless supplement that works.

These provide an all-over golden glow, allowing you to tan naturally without exposure to damaging sunlight. The best sunless tanning supplement on the market, Spa are completely safe and with ingredients approved by the FDA, you can protect your skin from the risk of premature wrinkles or skin cancer.

Whether you want a year-round tan, or you’re aiming to get a glow before a holiday, this means you can wave goodbye to streaky orange tans for good. If you’re looking for tanning tablets that make you tan, get in touch today to order your supply and discover the easy way to a natural colour that you’re guaranteed to love.

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