Bright sunshine, clear skies, and hot temperatures typically mean that summertime is here, and for many people that means it is time once again to work on that perfect tan and glow. However, don’t lose sight of the importance of healthy and safe tanning. To be able to sport a smooth golden tan is a common desire among many people, especially adults and teenagers. Sadly, though, many of these very people do not take into consideration the damage the sun can cause to your skin and the critical results that may follow.

Results such as severely burned skin and skin cancer. Studies have proven that less than half of all teenagers that sun tan do not use any type of a sunscreen at all and that the majority of teenagers feel tanning is associated with beauty because a dark tan looks so healthy. The sad fact, however, is that teens are far more vulnerable to skin cancer because of the fast rate at which cells in their bodies change and divide, a rate far greater than that of adults.

Over exposure to the sun can result in increased noticeable changes to your skin, including wrinkles, age spots, changes to your skin’s texture, and even freckles. To enjoy basking in the sun without these effects there are four healthy tips you should follow.

1. To achieve the best all round tan outdoors, you should exfoliate your skin before exposing it to the sunlight. Exfoliation will remove dead cells from the top layer of the skin and paves the way for fresh skin to appear. Removing the dead cells will contribute to achieving an even tan;

2. Make certain to wear a sunscreen when tanning. Studies have proven that the SPF contained in sunscreen can actually extend the length of time you can bask in the sun without causing additional skin damage. The higher the SPF numbers the better protection you will have against UVB rays, also referred to as burning rays. Choose a sunscreen that is suited to your skin type and complexion so as to avoid any burning or damage to the skin and to allow you maximum protection while enjoying maximum tanning strength;

3. Make certain that you tan gradually rather than overexposing your skin to the strong UV rays. By dividing your time in the sunlight evenly you minimize any risks of sunburn and can get that healthy and glowing tan you set out to achieve. The very best way to get a super healthy summer tan with an even glow is to suntan in small time doses. Relaxing for a half hour to an hour in the sun each day will permit your body to produce the appropriate amount of melanin that will ultimately assist you on your next tanning episode. Choose your tanning time carefully and wisely. UV rays have the greatest strength from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the summer months as indicated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency); and

4. When sun tanning, everyone wants to achieve an even tan. In order to accomplish this, be certain to tan with both your shades and your hat. Your eyes and the skin around your eyes are remarkably sensitive to UV rays so wearing a pair of sunglasses that bears a UV protection label will greatly protect your eyes. Be certain, however, not to fall asleep with your sunglasses on or you will fall victim to a very uneven tan. Further, wearing a hat with a brim that measures about two-to-three inches can protect not only your eyes, but your ears, forehead, nose, and scalp as well. Just think, you can be every bit stylish while sunbathing with your classy shades and fashionable hat.

A final very important tip for tanning safely is to give your skin ample time to repair itself following your day out in the sun. It is highly recommended that you give your skin a break in between tanning episodes to allow for the natural repair of the skin’s surface. If you are one of the millions of people who just love to sun bathe and flaunt their summer glow, then be sure you use these informative tips to protect your skin from harmful risks while you enjoy that chic, sexy summer look.