So you think that Melanotan II injections are the perfect solution for obtaining a bronzed summer tan.  Referred to often as ‘the perfect tan in a bottle,’ Melanotan II is not only unregulated and illegal, but is remarkably dangerous and extremely risky.  However, despite the dangers and risks, thousands and thousands of people still engage in the use of these ‘deadly’ sun tanning injections.

Research and Studies

Supposedly, this so called miracle perfect injection will leave your body so beautifully tanned, stimulate you, and increase energy levels while suppressing your appetite and increasing your libido at the same time.  With that said, surely it appears to be a wonder drug of some type.  Melanotan II is a synthetic drug that is not regulated and is illegal to sell in many countries but it is perfectly acceptable and allowed to buy the drug online.  Since the drug is unregulated, there is no proof nor any true facts about the quality and safety of the product, which should be reason enough in itself that people would not want to chance using the drug.  Despite these harsh facts, however, thousands of people rely on the use of this tanning injection and do not give much credence to the facts that have been revealed about the potential dangers and high cancer risks.

picture of a tanning syringe

It is truly amazing how vain people can be and certainly sun tanning is, by far, one of the vainest actions of so many human beings.  Sun tanning as a whole is dangerous and presents with abundant risks, whether tanning in direct sunlight, with a tanning lamp, tanning bed, spray tans or tanning injections.

How The Drug is used

The Melanotan II drug must be injected with needles.  It supposedly stimulates the pigment cells in the body and produces more melanin, which then results in a tan.  However, it typically takes several injections to see any tanning results at all.  Though the side effects of this risky chemical are still somewhat vague today, most doctors say that since it actually is capable of changing the presence of moles on the body that the drug can surely be very dangerous.

People who use the tanning injections have varied types of reactions to the drug from allergic reactions, sicknesses, and increased acne to light-headedness, dizziness, and severe nausea.  These same people are of the mindset that if they can get a quick tan with a simple injection, and an injection that is not so costly, then why not?  People across the globe seem not to mind the repeat injections so long as they see the tanning results they desire.  Not really a practical way of viewing this very unfamiliar drug and the absence of any real facts or statistics about the drug, only somewhat of an awareness on the potential risks and dangers of the injections.

Vanity – A Powerful, Yet Negative Force

It seems the world is filled with vain people who will do just about anything for the sake of looking better, having a beautiful, tanned body and feeling more confident about themselves.  Vanity is truly a powerful force and can certainly be quite destructive.  In this case, being so vain about having a tanned body knowing full well that tanning is remarkably dangerous and presents with high risks of cancer can turn out to be the death of you.  Sad as it is, however, most people take the risks and dangers lightly just so long as they are able to achieve a beautiful, bronzed tan body.

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