Statistics and surveys today reveal that teenagers frequently over expose their bodies to the sun’s powerful UV rays or use tanning beds for the mere sake of looking good despite knowing the many health risks that they pose.  Young people seem to be of the mindset that life is all about “living for today” and seem to give little regard to the long-term look at life.  Many find it both exciting and necessary to seize the moment, even if it means there is a potential risk of any kind involved.

Such is the case, without a doubt, with sun tanning.  Though young people are fully aware that sun tanning can cause serious health risks, including wrinkled skin, dark spots, aging spots, and skin cancer, teenagers and young adults still choose to tan for extended periods, whether outdoors or indoors with fake tanning methods for the mere sake of vanity.

In surveys recently conducted it was found that 85% of those polled, engaged in long-term outdoor tanning in the sunlight or indoor tanning specifically with sunbeds.  Participants were aware that both the sun and the sunbeds could cause cancer but still opted to tan for extended periods of time regardless.  When the survey participants were asked why they continued to over expose their bodies to the sunlight or use the indoor sunbeds despite the many risk factors, the majority of them said “because everybody looks far more attractive with a tan, which also makes them feel better about themselves and feel more appealing to others.”  Point on – because of vanity.

With these statistics and the many mirrored comments of those young people polled, it goes without saying that it is frightful and even absurd that so many young people would compromise their health and even their lives by repeated, long-term tanning simply for vain, cosmetic reasons.  Teens and young adults nowadays seem to think they are invincible and that only bad things happen to other people, not to them.  This explains why so many young people spend long hours, day after day, tanning on the beaches or using indoor tanning methods to achieve their “real” or “fake” bronzed tans.

Let’s be honest.  One of the deadliest forms of cancer today is that of malignant melanoma cancer.  Yet, though the proof exists that continued exposure of the body to powerful UV rays, whether indoors or outdoors, is dangerous to the skin and to one’s health, people continue to spend endless hours working on their tans.

It can be remarkably upsetting to recognize the massive number of people, especially young people, that are so vain these days and are far more concerned about their looks than they are about their extended health or the future of their very own lives.  If people continue to think this way and act this way, then the number of people who will develop skin cancer from tanning will continue to increase over the years.  Bottom line – being vain is outrageously insane.  Tanning excessively can present with very serious health issues and should only be enjoyed in moderation.  Think about the dangers when you being as overly attractive as you may ultimately want to be with a dangerous “real” or “fake” bronzed tan.

In some cases its not a case of vanity but actually addiction. If you would like to find out more on this subject follow this link.