Spa Tanning Pills Reviews: A Comparison Of Customer Satisfaction

You know what you want: beautiful, sun kissed, golden brown skin.

But you also know what you DON’T want: overexposure to dangerous UV rays from the sun or tanning beds.

So that’s probably what brought you to our website. You may have already heard about tanning pills, the sunless way to sun kissed skin. Spa tanning pills use the naturally occurring element copper gluconate combined with PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) to safely alter your skin’s pigment to the desired color.

Simply put, they’re the safest way to get the tan you want without a second in the sun.


A Closer Look At Reviews for Other Major Brand Reviews

But we don’t want you to take our word for it. As the creators of Spa tan tablets, we’re obviously a bit biased.

That’s why we scoured the web for a wide variety of reviews for all manner of tanning brands and products.

We think that it’s no question that of all the tanning pill reviews out there, Spa stands head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s take a closer look…

Holland & Barrett Tanning Tablets

Holland & Barrett relies on copper and PABA as their main color changing ingredient, so they are similar to our brand in that way. However, according to reviews, something in these pills has customers reacting adversely, with such side effects as nausea and watery mouth. Others report that their product simply doesn’t work.

Holland & Barrett Customer Reviews

We checked GNC’s website for reviews of Holland & Barrett’s product, where they scored an average of 3.5 stars over more than 300 customers. Less than half of the reviews recommend the product and on the criteria of both “value” and “quality”, they scored only 1 out of 5.

Here are a few of the most telling 1-star reviews:

“I bought these 2-3 weeks ago and have been taking ever since, they make me feel like I’m going to vomit and give me watery mouth. I’ve tried other tan supplements but thought I would give these ago”

“I bought these before I went on holiday followed the instructions took them for over 2 weeks before holiday laid in sun every day and had no tan whatsoever. In fact I ended up having a spray tan the day after I got back home absolute waste of money!!!!!!”

Superdrug Vitaglow Tanning Pills

Next on the list are Superdrug Vitaglow Tanning Pills. These pills promise to be “specially formulated to give your skin a healthy colour.” The only problem is that “specially formulated” seems to translate to “we won’t tell you what’s in them”.

The product description on Superdrug’s website lists no ingredients, and they don’t even mention the active agent responsible for changing the color of your skin.

Superdrug Vitaglow Customer Reviews

The failure to list ingredients is even more troublesome once you read some of the reviews, which mention adverse health reactions. On, these tanning pills score 3 out of 5 stars among 30 customers. On Superdrug’s own website, only 25% of reviews recommend the product, and here are a couple of the more telling reviews: “Started taking these 10 days ago slight change in skin colour. But holiday skin gradual after 2 days looks browner. Caused me sickness feeling after food. so take just before bed now.” “Had to get these when I ran out of another product and I don’t think they did much. There isn’t a lot of ingredients in there…. very disappointed.”

Spa Tanning Tablets Have the Best Reviews Online

So, looking at a few reviews of the other brands on the market, it’s clear that the biggest problems with traditional tanning pills are that they either don’t work or make the user sick to their stomach. Let’s look at our review of the reasons why Spa Tanning Pills stand head and shoulders above these other brands based on these common issues.

Natural Color That Works

Most other tanning pills are going to use either beta-carotene or canthaxanthin to achieve their coloring effects. Beta-carotene is going to leave you looking like a carrot, and studies have found that synthetic beta-carotene, such as that found in some tanning pills, can increase the risk of lung cancer.

Canthaxanthin is approved for use in coloring food, but the FDA has banned it as a tanning supplement because the levels at which you need to ingest in order to skin pigment can lead to some pretty serious health risks.

As we’ve mentioned before, our product relies primarily on copper gluconate and PABA for its colour toning effects. These elements combine to give you an even, sun-kissed tan without the harmful side effects of other unnatural ingredients or overexposure to harmful UV rays. This ensures a safe, natural, realistic looking tan.

Natural Ingredients

Not only do the copper and PABA in Spa pills give you a tan that’s a better color and more evenly distributed, but they are also naturally occurring elements found in plants and animals.

Copper gluconate is present in shellfish and nuts and many fruits and vegetables, while PABA comes from whole grains and mushrooms. However, when introduced to the human bloodstream through a tablet, these ingredients will fuse with the tissue beneath your skin in order to provide you with a beautiful golden brown tan in as little as two weeks.

They are easily absorbed into the human body and are completely naturally occurring. Studies have found that when used in appropriate amounts, copper and PABA are safe for human ingestion and cause no irreversible long-term adverse effects.

The Final Verdict on Spa’s Amazing Sunless Supplement

When it comes down to sunless tanning, you’ve got a few options: tanning beds, spray on tans, or tanning pills.

But tanning beds are just as dangerous as sunbathing and spray on products look fake and wear out fast.

After taking a thorough look at what customer reviews from around the web have to say about various tanning tablets, we are even more confident that we’ve got the industry leading tanning pill on the market.

But don’t take our word for it. Order your first set of Spa Tanning Tablets today and see what you can achieve in as little as 14 days.